Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner

Providing services that help facilitate your healing journey to help you stay in alignment physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. From trauma resolution work to physical activity and coaching programs, the needs of the whole being are attended to.

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The Root Cause

Getting to the root cause, that has become my mission. It’s what has driven me over the past 10 years of my holistic health practice.

Past life experiences during a therapeutic deep tissue massage? What? How? Really? These questions and more were running through my head as I worked on my client. I had started my private practice only a month earlier, and this was happening. I do energy healing but this was “just” massage. Needless to say I found my way down the rabbit hole.

Healing, true, deep healing is what I’ve evolved to practice. You’d like “just” a massage? I can do that too. I’ve acquired several tools to help my clients on their healing journey.

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