What is the Lightworker Healing Protocol?

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a divinely guided and supported healing request made to Source Creator that covers all the bases, every source of negativity that can impair a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. It builds on the knowledge of multiple healing modalities but extends their capabilities significantly.

The requests for healing include Soul Reawakening, Quantum Healing, Soul Matrix Healing, and repairing the connection to the Higher Self. The inclusion of these and other steps make this protocol’s effectiveness among the top healing tools worldwide.

With the use of the protocol, the practitioner reaches out to nonlocal consciousness to anyone, anywhere, anytime to deliver powerful healing remotely. By reaching out to Creator they are able to help those in need anonymously in an ethical, safe, and gentle manner and done with the permission of the person’s soul.

Everyone has karmic past and present life issues needing healing, and this karma is the cause of 94% of physical illness. More than a third of people even have an ancestral curse still running and spirit attackers undermining them. The protocol works to address the karmic ties between the attackers and the host and remove high-level psychic attacks.

The protocol also works to heal animals, energetically cleanse locations, and even target large groups for healing in schools, hospitals, prisons, etc.

The power of the Lightworker Healing Protocol is such that it promotes the healing of the world’s problems at their source and thus speeding the global shift in consciousness.