What is HMR?


HMR is a verbal technique that provides a gentle method of focusing on a negative memory fragment,à just long enough to access the scene of encoding. Once accessed, the scene is re-visualized with the necessary corrections. HMR is therefore a gentle “emotional re-framing” technique which allows the client to move from a negatively encoded image to a positive post-trauma image. Once the perfect image of the resolved trauma scene or pattern is visualized, this corrected image is sent through the nervous system by means of frequency of emotions associated with color.

HMR empowers the client to transmit “proof of safety” to the bodymind by utilizing the client’s own brainwave frequencies, thereby reducing the risk of re-live or re-traumatization. The technique facilitates enhanced sensory access to, and the resolution of memory. At the same time, it simultaneously enables the mapping of memory patterns which is necessary for the resolution of memory-based pathology. The technique empowers the client to become their own source of healing.