Classical Yoga sessions where mind, body, and spirit are intertwined through the practice of asanas, pranayama, and yoga nidra.


Developed by Joseph Pilates, this exercise form emphasizes balanced, efficient movement of the body by strengthening the core muscles and enhancing flexibility of the spine. Pilates is an integrative approach to exercise that incorporates six foundational concepts to movement: centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow.

Secret Elements Qi Gong

Secret Elements Qi Gong is a systematized and easy to learn Qi Gong system. Organized after the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it incorporates  also aspects of Kinesiology and Psychology.

The ancient exercises practiced in this martial art activate one’s own potential for emotional balancing and self healing allowing the practitioner to gain deeper insight into their body and mind.

Fitness to the Core

Karen has a degree in Physical Education and Recreation Studies. She obtained certification as an American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer as well as an American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Specialist. Over the past 15 years, Karen has taught and coached in international schools and has worked as a fitness professional.

From her experience with managing fitness facilities, coordinating programs, teaching group classes and personal training, Karen draws from these broad range of skills when working with her clients.

Personal training is available for individual sessions or small group, (2-4) training sessions. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages.