Karen Gay, M.S. is an Integrative Holistic Health Practitioner. Based in Vietnam, she has been facilitating her clients in her thriving private practice for nearly a decade. Karen also works internationally at top resorts and wellness centers in Asia as a visiting practitioner and workshop facilitator.

Karen combines her knowledge of the physical body with her extensive understanding of the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and from this awareness she offers her clients individualized, holistic experiences that restore harmony and nurture the soul.

In her private healing sessions, Karen employs modalities such as Holographic Memory Resolution® Craniosacral Therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu® and Reiki to allow deep healing transformations to take place.

Karen is also a Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner.  She conducts remote healing sessions for people, animals, locations, as well as earthbound spirits.

As a physical education specialist, Karen designs movement programs for strength and conditioning, as well as the facilitation of the mind-body connection through Pilates, Qi Gong, and Yoga.

Currently pursuing a certificate in Integrative Health and Medicine, Karen’s unified approach to wellness ensures a holistic experience. Her playful and compassionate nature enables her to quickly develop trusting relationships with her clients and foster harmonious states of wellbeing.